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The A-Team: Throwback Review

Can a show often under fire for sexism have its own self-rescuing princess?
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Stories - 2020 Edition

The annual review series highlighting women in war movies and TV shows.
Author image Linda Naughton

Terminator Dark Fate Review

Terminator ditches its history, only to basically repeat it.
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Stories - 2019 Edition

The annual series highlighting women in war movies widens to include TV.
Author image Linda Naughton

Avengers: Endgame Review

Marvel delivers an epic, emotional finale for the Infinity Saga.
Author image Linda Naughton

Captain Marvel Review

Marvel's latest origin story delivers a relatable hero but an uneven plot.
Author image Linda Naughton

Mile 22 Review

Mark Wahlberg's latest action spectacle demonstrates why giving female characters guns doesn't make them strong.
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies - 2018 Edition

Hollywood may be getting better about including strong female characters, but apparently the idea of strong female _soldier_ characters still hadn't caught on.
Author image Linda Naughton

Tomb Raider Review

The updated Tomb Raider manages to be more than just a video game movie. I confess, I never
Author image Linda Naughton

The Brave - Review

NBC's new military drama shows promise, but a surprising lack of adrenaline. Fall TV season. So
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies Revisited

Pickings are still slim for films about women soldiers, but there are a few gems. Last Memorial Day,
Author image Linda Naughton

Kong: Skull Island Review

King Kong meets Apocalypse Now in a decent popcorn spectacle. Monster movies aren't really my thing,
Author image Linda Naughton
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