Review Policy

Mostly I review TV shows and movies, but occasionally I do book reviews. You can view past book reviews to get a feel for them.

You may suggest a book for me to review, or offer a free ARC/review copy in exchange for an honest review, with the following stipulations:

  • The story must feature at least one strong female protagonist. (Doesn't have to be the main/POV character, as long as they play a central role in the story - like Leia in Star Wars.)
  • I welcome stories featuring gender and ethnic diversity.
  • This blog is mostly geared towards adults, but I sometimes do YA fiction. Books for younger children may not be a good fit.
  • Most genres are fine, but I will not accept erotica, horror, or strong supernatural elements. Non-fiction books are probably also a pass, but you can always ask.
  • Due to my limited free time, I cannot commit to reviewing any book on a specific timetable, nor to finishing a book that doesn't grab me. In other words, there are no promises that I will ever post a review for a recommended book.
  • I try to avoid spoilers in reviews, and will post a clear spoiler warning if spoilers are necessary.
  • All reviews are my honest and subjective opinion according to my Ratings System. This blog is about celebrating good portrayals, so if I can't in good conscience give your book 3 or more stars, I simply won't post the review. I consider 3 stars to be a positive review. If receiving 3 or 4 stars would upset you, please do not submit your book for consideration.
  • I do not charge or accept fees for reviews.

Whew, that was a lot of disclaimers. If you still want to take your chances, you can contact me.

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