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For All Mankind - Season 2 Review

The alt-history space drama starts off slow before building to an epic showdown on the moon.
Author image Linda Naughton

For All Mankind - Season 1 Review

An alt-history drama explores what would happen if the space race never ended.
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies - 2021 Edition

Highlighting a pair of WWII spy dramas in honor of Memorial Day.
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies - 2019 Edition

The annual series highlighting women in war movies widens to include TV.
Author image Linda Naughton

Outlander: A New World

Outlander still has trouble finding the right balance.
Author image Linda Naughton

Hidden Figures Review

NASA's Human Computers Inspire a New Generation Hidden Figures isn't the sort of movie I typically review here,
Author image Linda Naughton

Spirit: Riding Free Review

The Netflix/Dreamworks girl-and-her-horse tale is uplifting and entertaining, if a bit historically muddled. When I heard that
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies: 2018 Edition

Hollywood may be getting better about including strong female characters, but apparently the idea of strong female _soldier_ characters still hadn't caught on.
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies Revisited

Pickings are still slim for films about women soldiers, but there are a few gems. Last Memorial Day,
Author image Linda Naughton

Women in War Movies

Our women heroes deserve better than this sub-par Hollywood fare. As an Army brat, I've always had a
Author image Linda Naughton

Agent Carter Shines at Comic-Con

Marvel's Spinoff Generates Buzz at SDCC. Forget the Oscars and Emmys. For geek culture, San Diego Comic-Con has
Author image Linda Naughton

Outlander - Sing Me a Song

Music was a highlight of Outlander's first mini-season. Outlander has finished its initial run, going on hiatus until
Author image Linda Naughton
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