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Rings of Power - Season 1 Review

This muddled LoTR prequel has some bright points.
Author image Linda Naughton

Sword-Bearer - Book Review

Sword-Bearer - Book Review - The latest return to Tiger and Del's world has a few stumbles, but finishes strong.
Author image Linda Naughton

Ranking Tiger and Del - Book Series Review

Ranking Tiger and Del - Book Series Review - In celebration of the latest Tiger and Del book, a review and ranking of the rest of the series.
Author image Linda Naughton

Keeper of the Lost Cities - Book Series Review

An exciting YA series that entertains the grown-ups as well as the teens.
Author image Linda Naughton

Keeper of the Lost Cities - Book Review

Keeper of the Lost Cities is an engaging young-adult fantasy series with a strong female protagonist.
Author image PouncingKitten

Tales of Arcadia Review

Colorful characters and elaborate world-building make for an epic storyline.
Author image Linda Naughton

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Review

The dragon trilogy comes to a close with a character-driven finale.
Author image Linda Naughton

Outlander: A New World

Outlander still has trouble finding the right balance.
Author image Linda Naughton

Droughtlander Ends

Starz's time-traveling drama, Outlander, returns for a third season. After being absent from the air for over a
Author image Linda Naughton

Winter's War Revisited

Huntsman: Winter's War was much more fun the second time around. SPOILER ALERT! This review contains spoilers for
Author image Linda Naughton

Huntsman: Winter's War Review

Elsa's revenge makes for a visually impressive but muddled fantasy yarn. SPOILER ALERT! This review contains mild spoilers
Author image Linda Naughton
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