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Strange World - Movie Review

An underrated family adventure with strong messages.
Author image Linda Naughton

Starlings on My Window Sill - Book Review

A Gripping YA Novel about a Resourceful Teen
Author image Linda Naughton

Keeper of the Lost Cities - Book Series Review

An exciting YA series that entertains the grown-ups as well as the teens.
Author image Linda Naughton

Deadly Setup - Book Review

A resourceful teen struggles to prove her innocence after being framed for murder.
Author image Linda Naughton

Keeper of the Lost Cities - Book Review

Keeper of the Lost Cities is an engaging young-adult fantasy series with a strong female protagonist.
Author image PouncingKitten

Tales of Arcadia Review

Colorful characters and elaborate world-building make for an epic storyline.
Author image Linda Naughton

Into the Spider-Verse Review

A fistful of Spideys make for an animated masterpiece with heart.
Author image Linda Naughton

Camp Cretaceous Review

Another batch of kids are in peril in this Jurassic World animated adventure.
Author image Linda Naughton

The InBESTigators Review

A quartet of clever tweens solve mysteries in this cute Australian import.
Author image Linda Naughton

Project MC2 Review

Smart is the new cool for this tween spy show.
Author image Linda Naughton

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Review

The dragon trilogy comes to a close with a character-driven finale.
Author image Linda Naughton

Spirit: Riding Free Review

The Netflix/Dreamworks girl-and-her-horse tale is uplifting and entertaining, if a bit historically muddled. When I heard that
Author image Linda Naughton
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