Falling Skies - Reunion Review

The plot contrivance fairies were working overtime in the second-to-last episode of the series.

SPOILER ALERT! This review contains spoilers for episode 5x09: Reunion.

How Conveeeeeenient...

I get that every TV show requires some suspension of disbelief. But this episode took my disbelief into a back alley, beat it senseless, and then kicked it when it was down. Seriously. Enough already.

  • Tom is handed a doomsday weapon on the eve of the attack on DC.
  • Bumbling Marty just happens to be a brilliant bio-chemist capable of doing genetic alterations on an alien bio-weapon using a high school chemistry kit.
  • Despite years of alien occupation and wholesale slaughter, forced evacuations by the Volm, and the 2nd Mass seeming to have the entire eastern seaboard to themselves for four seasons, we've suddenly got a bazillion militia groups crawling out of the woodwork to converge on DC. Did you see all those flags on the map?!
  • Matt stumbles upon "Lexi" in the woods.
  • Ben overhears Espheni plans at a critical moment.
  • Pope's guys take shelter behind barrels of magic exploding fuel.
  • That Espheni tech is really something else. One day they've got Captain Marshall and her black blood; the next day (no, literally, the very next day) they've got "Lexi". She looks like the human version Anne and Tom saw in their dreams, can pass Anne's medical tests, and knows convincing details about Tom's Dorniya water rescue.

The Human Element

Lexi's Return

But what keeps me watching Falling Skies is the human drama, and there was plenty of that this episode seeing everyone's reactions to "Lexi".

Because the Dornia are in a tight race with the Volm for most-unhelpful-alien-allies-ever, there was some legitimate doubt as to whether they might have rescued Lexi and sent her to help without, you know, actually telling anyone.

We got to see the whole spectrum of reactions from everyone - Weaver and Hal, not fooled for a second, Matt's naive hope, Tom's faith in the Dornia. But it was Anne's reaction that I found most powerful - the obvious struggle between wanting to believe in a miracle and knowing that she couldn't bear having her hopes dashed again. The look on her face when "Lexi" died again... ouch. Good acting by Moon Bloodgood all around.

Pope's Return

Team Anne-Thony

The most maddening part of the episode was the attack by Pope and his Berserkers 2.0 gang. All those episodes of build-up for this half-baked kamikaze attack?!?! Talk about anti-climactic.

The only good part of that debacle? Bringing Anthony back into the fold, even if it did come out of left field.

Random Thoughts

  • A scene with Matt and Maggie! How refreshing.
  • Anne's concern about Ben was sweet. I like those stepmom moments between her and the Mason boys.
  • Would ten-foot tall aliens really consider the Lincoln monument a "giant"?
  • Would it kill Tom to comfort his obviously-distraught wife after they both saw their daughter's doppleganger burned to a crisp? Worst husband ever.
  • Anne's reaction to the Dorniya tech: "I'm sick of this shit!" You and me both, Anne.


  • Princess Power: 3 Stars
  • Overall: 3 Stars
  • Bechdel Test: Pass (I'm counting Lexi and Anne's scene, even though it was short.)

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