Fall Preview - Quantico

ABC's political thriller puts its agents in the line of fire.

With the fall season almost upon us, I'm doing a series of posts to highlight upcoming movies and shows that might be of interest to fans of self-rescuing princesses.

I confess that I initially thought Quantico was going to be just another crime drama. Reading more about it, though, it sounds like it is going to have more of an action-thriller bent to it. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, show-runner Joshua Safran said, "It's like, what would Die Hard be if Die Hard was weekly and was also a soap?"

Quantico boasts a diverse cast, including Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as its lead character, Alex Parrish. Alex is one of the FBI recruits at the titular FBI academy, who finds herself accused of being a terrorist after being found at the scene of a terrorist attack.

It's a plotline that skirts a dangerous line of falling into easy stereotypes, but the show's creators seem conscious of the potential pitfalls. EW also quoted executive producer Josh Safran as saying, “We really do want to approach everybody as if they could be the terrorist. It doesn’t matter where they came from. What might make you a terrorist is a very specific thing, it isn’t a generalization, so we really want to humanize these characters."

It's worth a look. Frankly, they had me at 'Die Hard with an Indian woman in the lead.'

Quantico premieres September 27th and will air Sundays on ABC.

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