Falling Skies - Paging Doctor Glass

In the fourth season of Falling Skies, Anne Glass' surprising transformation into a warrior feels a little forced.

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains spoilers for season four up through 4x03 Exodus.

I’m a big fan of Falling Skies. Last season was somewhat rocky (deus ex machina aliens, half-alien baby - meh), but the trailers and spoilers heralding Season 4 had me excited about the show’s new direction.

For the most part, I’m pleased with this season so far. Splitting up the 2nd Mass opened up a lot of storylines, and I like how it’s giving different characters (like Anthony and Matt) a chance to shine.

One thing I'm less keen on is what they've done with Anne Glass. Don’t get me wrong - I love Moon Bloodgood as an action heroine, and seeing her mowing down Skitters with a M16 is kind of fun. But it doesn't feel true to the character.

Mama Bear obsessed with getting back her cub? Sure, I can see that. I can even (more or less) buy the pacifist doctor taking up arms to do it. But "driven by rage" (to quote one of the show runners), treating her own people with such callous disregard on her relentless quest -- it's jarring, to say the least, from someone who has been the compassionate caretaker of the 2nd Mass for three seasons.

And since the four-months-later time jump deprived us of seeing how it came about, it feels forced and unnatural. I think they could have made her edgier without replacing her with a pod person. Hopefully once she finds Lexi, some semblance of the old Dr. Glass will return.

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